Crawford County Vol. 30 No. 477


late of Sadsbury Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator DBN: Starkey Sharp, 4417 North Croatan Hwy., P.O. Drawer 1027, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949;
Attorney: Jeffrey C. Youngs, Esq., 363 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335

late of Conneaut Lake, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Thomas R. Stell, 12646 Reed Avenue, Conneaut Lake, PA 16316;
Attorney: Emil M. Spadafore, Jr., Esq., Spadafore & Prather, LLP, 935 Market Street, Meadville, PA 16335

late of Randolf, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Christopher James Held 200 Arthur Street Kittanning, PA 16201;
Attorney: Tyler S. Heller, Esq., Mechling & Heller, LLP, 216 North Jefferson Street Kittanning, PA 16201

By virtue of Certain Writs of Execution issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, and to me directed, I will expose the following described property at public sale at the Crawford County Judicial Center, in the City of Meadville, Pennsylvania, on

Friday, September 3, 2021 at 10:00 AM.

All parties in interest and claimants are further notified that a schedule of distribution will be on file in the Sheriff’s Office no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the sale of any property sold hereunder and distribution of the proceeds made ten (10) days after said filing, unless exceptions are filed with the Sheriff’s Office prior thereto:

TERMS: The price for which the property is sold must be paid at the time of sale; either by cash or Certified Check, otherwise, the property must be put up and sold again at the expense and risk of the person to whom it was first sold, and in no case shall the transfer be made unless the money is actually paid to the Sheriff. Persons who are lien creditor must present a list to the Sheriff of the liens they have in order to apply the amount of bids or any part thereof on their liens.

David L. Powers, Sheriff
Crawford County, Pennsylvania

DOCKET NO: AD-2021-18

ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground situate in Saegertown, County of Crawford and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

TAX PARCEL NO: 2803-051-1-1
UPI#: 20-2803-051-1-1

PROPERTY ADDRESS: 18541 Grange Center Road, Saegertown, Pennsylvania 16433

IMPROVEMENTS; a Residential Dwelling

SOLD AS THE PROPERTY OF: Lori D Scott-Clausen AND Devon R Clausen

Seized and taken in Execution as the property of L9ri D. Scott-Clausen and Devon R. Clausen, at the suit of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc., to be sold on Writ of Execution No. 2021-60.

David L. Powers, Sheriff

Attorney for Plaintiff
Powers Kirn, LLC
Trevose, PA

ALL THOSE CERTAIN lots or pieces of ground situate in Rockdale Acres, Rockdale Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania:

BEING KNOWN AS: 31410 Knoll Avenue f/k/a 31410 1st St, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403



Seized and taken in Execution as the property of Tim E. Willey at the suit of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, not in its individual or Banking Capacity, but Solely as Trustee on behalf of the Madison Avenue Manufactured Housing Contract Trust 2002-A to be sold on Writ of Execution No. 2021-59.

David L. Powers, Sheriff

Attorney for Plaintiff
Robertson, Anschutz, Schneid, Crane & Partners, PLLC
Mt, Laurel, NJ

Public Sale of properties against which claims for taxes have been entered for the year of 2019. To the owners or reputed owners of properties described in this notice and to all persons having Tax Liens, Tax Judgments or Municipal Claims against such properties, notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of the Act approved July 7, 1947, P.l.1368 as amended that on:

Friday, September 24, 2021
At 10:00 A.M.

In the Home Show Building #1 of the Crawford County Fairgrounds-Gate 1, 13409 5th Avenue, Meadville, Pennsylvania, the Crawford County Tax Claim Bureau will sell at Public Sale, the following described properties against which tax claims have been duly filed in the said bureau of taxes, levied for the year 2019 and remaining unpaid together with penalties, interest and costs. In accordance with Act No. 542-1947 and 81-1986, the sale of any property may at the option of the bureau, be stayed if owner thereof or any lien creditor of the owner, prior to the date of sale enters into an agreement with the bureau to pay the taxes in installments, in the manner provided by law and an agreement entered into:

Terms: a deposit of $3,000.00 paid in cash, or by certified or cashier’s check shall be paid as soon as the property is struck down. If the sale price is less than $3,000.00, the buyer shall pay the full purchase price as soon as the property is struck down. Any refund due as a result of overpayment of the purchase price shall be paid by the Tax Claim Bureau within one week of the sale. No refunds will be paid if the successful bidder refuses to proceed with the sale after payment of the deposit.

***NEW THIS YEAR*** All Bidders MUST register at the Crawford County Tax Claim Office on or before September 9, 2021 per ACT 2021-33. Bidder numbers cannot be issued to any person that fails to register. Bidder registration forms can be found online at or by stopping in the Crawford County Tax Claim Bureau Office

September 24, 2021, 10:00 A.M., ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
The properties to be sold are as follows:

Control #Map #Owner Name(s)Property Description

Aprox. Upset Price

Athens Township
11-0-0002441103-042-2Doolittle, Kenneth R. Doolittle, Brenda L.20 Acres$1,691.15
11-0-1099651103-042-4Doolittle, Kenneth R. Doolittle, Brenda L..5 Acres+/- & DWMH$5,277.28
11-0-0002421103-042Doolittle, Patricia J.24.97 Acres$1,439.41
11-0-0000471101-031Hamilton, Edward D.30 Acres & Bldg.$3,114.33
Hamilton, Patricia
11-0-0001731102-053-1Nunemaker, Rosemary A.2.884 Acres & Bldg.$1,759.62
Nunemaker, Kenneth E.
11-0-0000871102-004Richardson, Linda K.40 1/2 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$8,284.90
11-0-0001971103-013Webster, Richard Brook Sherman, Kristina MarieLot & Bldg.$3,328.97
Beaver Township
12-0-0566931207-026-1Edison, Ray A., Sr.52.5 Acres$1,950.99
12-0-0009601208-031Kotsagrelos, MichaelLot & Bldgs.$6,375.94
Kotsagrelos, Brenda
12-0-1094841201-014-3Lehmann, Philip4.001 Acres & Bldg.$3,876.00
12-0-0005711201-022Mvm Properties, Llc48.25 Acres$1,330.10
12-0-0008991207-024Schmidt, Jeffrey R.
Schmidt, Mary A.
Schmidt, Michael W.
92 Acres & Bldgs.$208,668.69
Bloomfield Township
13-0-0028731307-018Allen, John A.
Allen, Tammy A.
Lot & Bldg.$5,352.95
13-0-0029451307-052Allen, John A.
Allen, Tammy A.
1 Acres$1,120.07
13-0-0033001312-012-1Carr, Sarah L.
Carr, Michael D.
8.880  Acres & Bldg.$3,385.26
13-0-0013391305-011-4-1Delp, Thomas Theodore Sr.6.079 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$1,942.67
13-0-0028191307-003-C-2Dingle, Kevin S.
Vollmer, Melissa
Lot & Bldg$6,080.46
13-0-0015581306-017-944Dingle, Kevin ShawnLot 944 & Trailer$4,424.69
13-0-0029421307-047Fisher, Lillian F
Fisher, Christine Thelma
10 Acres & Trailer$1,687.86
13-0-0018821306-024-Pt-326Flaherty, PatriciaPt. Lot 326$922.16
13-0-0029361307-043-1Fosburg, Barry R.5.36 Acres & Trailer$2,247.58
13-0-0032921312-011-3Henry, Robert G.7 Acres & Bldg.$9,426.98
13-0-0019611306-024-96Higley, Catherine L.Lot 96$863.35
13-0-0033681312-067Homa, James J.60 Acres & Bldg.$8,094.21
13-0-0032301310-093-1Howick’s Auto Body, LLC5.669 Acres & Bldg.$18,148.28
13-0-0580631306-024-296thru 300Kafferlin, Gregory J.Lots$1,130.27
13-0-0026141306-051-C-32Kinney, Richard ALot 32 & Bldg.$8,508.50
Kinney, Valerie J.
13-0-0014181306-007-1Loncar, Daniel60 Acres & Bldg.$18,562.97
13-0-0015821306-018-122Moore, James W.
Moore, Lori L.
Lot & Trailer$4,604.37
13-0-0015851306-018-Pt-123Moore, James W.
Moore, Lori L.
Pt Of Lot 123$825.74
13-0-0021771306-025-A-6Ploss, Michelle L.
Ploss, Brandon
Ploss, Nicole
Ploss, James
Lot 6 & Bldg.$2,573.51
13-0-0028851307-021-40Price, Kevin M.Lot 40$922.16
13-0-0033091312-017Rapoza, David C.Lot & Bldg.$2,762.67
13-0-1007751305-039-2Reichel, Kevin H.2 Acres & Trailer$1,851.01
13-0-0030841309-045-1St. John, Mark21.3 Acres & Trailer & Bldgs$14,243.02
13-0-0015371306-017-907-Pt 908Whiteneck, George F. Jr.
Whiteneck, Debbie L
Lot 907 & Pt. of Lot 908 & Trailer$2,976.54
13-0-0017641306-022-G-1A-1Williams, Kevin T.
Williams, Bonni L.
Lot & Bldg.$9,707.94
13-0-0567271309-031-3Zipper, William J.3.131 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$2,222.84
Blooming Valley Borough
14-0-0035131401-065Wasson, Larry J.Lot & Bldg.$5,346.27
Cambridge Township
15-0-0036671501-005-CDay, RickeyTrailer Lot 116$1,419.45
15-0-0036571501-005-15Dingle, Kevin S.Lot 15 & Trailer$1,805.38
15-0-0041221505-047-1CHart, Steven Ray3 Acres & Bldg.$2,475.52
15-0-0036411501-005-CIllig, JeffreyTrailer Lot 40$2,235.86
15-0-0042851506-036-2Kovich, George J.
Kovich, Annie E.
C/O Gen Kovich
1 Acre & Bldg.$2,671.63
15-0-0036631501-005-CMcClelland, ElvisTrailer Lot 34$3,913.63
15-0-0038591504-008Murphy, Rita M.51.349 Acres$1,466.20
15-0-1008591506-016-2Petrick, Julie K.1.73 Acres & Bldg.$8,604.38
15-0-0044501506-100Petrick, Julie Kathleen15.082 Acres & Bldg.$5,921.38
15-0-0036341501-005-CRodgers, Mark STrailer Lot 38$2,577.29
15-0-0043281506-060-4Rodgers, Robert E., Jr.1 Acre & Trailer$3,536.63
15-0-0043861506-086–Thompson, LarryTrailer$1,073.78
Cambridge Springs Borough
16-0-0052201614-064Bissell, Clair A.Lot & Bldg.$6,999.12
16-0-0051461613-120Blake, Robert J.Lot & Bldg.$4,536.55
16-0-0046591605-061Brumagin, Dennis G.Lot & Bldg.$6,885.44
16-0-0049281612-006Cc Real Estate Holdings, LLCLot & Bldg.$6,771.78
16-0-0047931608-004Comunale, Angela C.Lot & Trailer$2,447.27
16-0-0051711614-016Dickson, Christina MarieLot & Trailer$9,809.70
16-0-0045831601-027Dronko, TimothyLot 7$1,111.23
16-0-0046651606-001Mcgee, John R.Lot & Bldg.$3,491.59
16-0-0053121615-008-20Miller, Paul M.Lot 20 & Pt. 19 & Bldg.$12,295.99
16-0-0049241612-002Murphy, Rita M.Lot & Bldg.$4,628.40
16-0-0047721607-075Potts, William E., IiiLot & Bldg.$2,464.16
Potts, Stephanie
16-0-0047411607-047Semai, John W. L.Lot & Trailer & Bldg.$8,864.73
16-0-0045561601-003Slovak Savings BankLot & Bldg.$6,307.12
16-0-0045571601-004Slovak Savings BankLot & Bldg.$10,618.11
16-0-0050681613-035Southworth, Michael E.Lot & Bldg.$4,198.11
16-0-0051521614-001Stover, James E.
Stover, Melissa A.
Lot & Bldg.$3,314.26
Centerville Borough
17-0-0053901701-050-1Biltz, Debra J.3 Acres & Bldg.$1,809.72
17-0-0053741701-040Clickett, Mark J.Lot & Bldg.$4,634.50
17-0-0053471701-016Pituch Properties and Restoration LLCLot & Bldg.$4,764.89
17-0-0054501701-105Poust, RobertLot & Bldg.$3,460.35
Cochranton Borough
18-0-0059191803-181Moore, Christina LLot & Bldg.$4,621.33
18-0-0056641802-106Peterson, Melissa K.Lot & Bldg.$6,179.46
18-0-0060671804-055Pontius, Christopher L.Lot & Bldg.$6,326.58
18-0-0058841803-147Starcheski, Stanley J.Lot & Bldg.$1,448.65
18-0-0058891803-152Starcheski, Stanley J.Lot & Bldg.$9,214.56
Conneaut Township
19-0-0070021909-034-B-77Coppola, Wendy M.Lot 77$1,039.76
19-0-0070031909-034-B-78Coppola, Wendy M.Lot & Trailer$3,074.68
19-0-0073041913-008-2Flanegin, Frank R.33 Acres & Bldgs.$11,714.70
19-0-1040731910-008-1Getty, DebraTrailer-Lot 4d$2,396.18
19-0-1086431905-071-1-AGood, Thomas
Good, Vaughn W.
.659 Acres & Trailer$1,200.28
19-0-0061971903-018Graham, Gary E.45 Acres & Bldgs.$9,304.57
19-0-0068011909-033-7Haas, David P.Lot$1,223.14
19-0-0068031909-033-9Haas, David P.Lot & Trailer$3,552.25
19-0-0068871909-033-8Haas, David P.Lot & Bldg.$2,461.13
19-0-0068881909-033-44Haas, David P.Lot$1,223.14
19-0-0069781909-034-B-27Haas, David P.Lot$1,407.75
19-0-0062821905-017Herman, Lyle
Herman, Amanda
26 2/3 Acres & Bldg.$3,016.21
19-0-0071901911-028Kline, Leona M.29 Acres & Bldgs. & Trailer$5,869.50
19-0-0070861910-008-1Kolar, TracyTrailer Lot 6c$989.10
19-0-0071941911-030Lane, Briar L.8 Acres & Bldgs.$4,414.21
19-0-0066801909-025-29Maruski, Sharon RLot 29 & Trailer$2,790.29
19-0-0066811909-025-30Maruski, Sharon RLot$931.98
19-0-0066631909-021-1-HDerrick J. McCowien
Virginia L. McCowien
1.523 Acres & Bldg.$12,239.77
19-0-0066611909-021-1-FMcDaniel, Dana F.
McDaniel, Eleanor M.
1 1/3 Acres & Bldg.$1,682.85
19-0-0065431907-036Moore, Robert L., Jr.14 Acres & Bldgs.$5,087.54
19-0-1040741910-008-1Pritchard, Joseph
Pritchard, Kristen
Trailer-Lot 5d$937.37
19-0-0064251906-001Right Choice Properties, Llc6 Acres$957.71
19-0-0069941909-034-B-67Robinson, Sydney J.
Robinson, John J.
Lot 67$971.83
19-0-0068001909-033-5Robinson, SydneyLot$1,144.15
19-0-0068981909-033-6Robinson, SydneyLot 6 & Bldgs.$11,118.52
19-0-0588261909-033-29-30-40-41-42-43Robinson, SydneyLots$1,591.78
19-0-0063811905-067-4Williams, Michael E.Lot & Trailer$2,382.08
Conneautville Borough
20-0-0074072004-004Banks, Johnathan
Banks, Brandi
Lot & Bldg.$2,627.48
20-0-0077122019-001Fedenets, Andrew Jr.
Fedenets, Mary Ruth
Lot & Bldg.$4,050.47
20-0-0076422017-052Goldsmith, John P.Lot & Bldg.$4,107.09
20-0-0076292017-041Kneubehl, Lillian R.Lot & Bldg.$3,092.54
20-0-0078112020-025Patterson, Robert P.1/2 Acre & Bldg.$3,705.33
20-0-0077092018-065Randolph, Sue AnnLot & Bldg.$6,357.70
20-0-0077332019-022Randolph, Sue AnnLot & Bldg.$6,201.28
Conneaut Lake Borough
21-0-0082132106-040-AAmolsch, Elvin C.
Amolsch, Phyllis A.
E. Pt. Lot 74$907.59
21-0-0082152106-043Townsend, Brian
Townsend, Margaret
Lot 11 & Trailer$2,250.65
Cussewago Township
22-0-0084642203-027-3Baideme, Ricky L.Lot & Bldg. & Trailer$6,374.54
22-0-0082882201-010Bayus, Robert33.33 Acres$1,053.06
22-0-0568892205-025-1Halko, Eric J.1.35 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$10,080.25
22-0-0085632205-024Halko, Erik J.32 Acres & Bldgs.$5,568.25
22-0-0085642205-025Halko, Erik J.119.65 Acres & Bldg.$7,733.78
22-0-0088442209-013-1-ANelson, Edward C.11.9224 Acres & Bldgs.$49,067.63
22-0-1010152211-063-3Nishnick, John D.1 Acre & Bldg.$9,159.46
Fairfield Township
23-0-0098142307-008-1Bailey, Robert R.
Bailey, Dorothy L.
3 Acres & Bldg.$7,623.64
23-0-0091342302-001-2Calvert, Darrell Louis2 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$4,119.89
23-0-0091962302-023Edwards, David Michael2 Acres$897.89
23-0-0091982302-024-1Edwards, David MichaelLot & Bldg.$8,826.91
23-0-0091992302-024-2Edwards, David MichaelLot$897.89
23-0-0092022302-024-5Green, Justin J.Lot & Trailer$6,666.86
23-0-0098962308-017Hostetler, Eugene19.5 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$9,701.95
23-0-0095202304-026-6Jackson, Larry Edward1.35 Acres & Bldg.$4,973.09
23-0-0092892303-039-2Mailliard, Frederick J.
Mailliard, Peggy A.
6 Acres & Bldg.$12,104.10
23-0-1045852304-109-1Norse Pipeline, LLC3.42 Ac Tract 292$970.22
East Fairfield Township
24-0-0099662401-010Barrios, ThomasTrailer Lot 19$1,489.11
Decker, Ashley
24-0-0102082404-042Batka, Yvonne R.10 Acres & Bldg.$2,221.65
24-0-0099542401-010Deeter, EricTrailer Lot 29$2,509.43
24-0-0103882406-003Ongley, Ryan A.32 Acres & Trailer & Bldg$2,959.13
24-0-0099362401-010Rough, JosephTrailer Lot 12$1,102.56
24-0-0102302405-013Wolfe, Ira E. Jr.
Conaway, Tiffany M
1/2 Acre & Bldg.$6,930.68
East Fallowfield Township
25-0-0106382502-006-2Borkowski, Joseph C.50 Acres$1,593.21
25-0-1086852502-020-3Calvert, Eugene E.7.19 Acres$1,094.28
25-0-0105642501-034-9Mussi, Paul L.
Mussi, Lisa
1.84 Acres & Bldg.$2,570.12
25-0-1011222505-004Pringle, AustinTrailer – Lot 31$2,005.41
25-0-1081632505-004Randall, ScottTrailer$1,553.75
25-0-1011112505-004Rombold, JenniferTrailer Lot 26$4,063.12
25-0-0108652504-038Shafer, Timothy L.
Shafer, Joni Sue
14 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$2,835.01
25-0-0105902501-046-1Shrock, Daniel L.
Shrock, Chasity A
Lot & Trailer$5,431.38
West Fallowfield Township
26-0-0113332603-060Barr, Steven JohnLot & Bldg.$4,714.52
26-0-0113342603-061Barr, Steven JohnLot & Bldg.$2,394.21
26-0-1115992604-013Gruver, DevinTrailer$2,412.22
26-0-0113252603-053McHenry, Dean D.
McHenry, Tina M.
Lots & Bldg.$8,213.70
26-0-0114562605-007Millard, Robert B.
Jones, Kelly L
2 Lots & Bldg.$2,100.24
26-0-1010762604-032-1-B-1Pratt, Michael H9.43 Acres & Bldg.$7,922.61
Greenwood Township
27-0-0118592704-098Babcock, George R.
Babcock, Susan J.
5/8 Acre & Bldg. & Trailer$1,608.53
27-0-1085822704-001-3Hall, WilliamTrailer$1,543.53
27-0-0124602714-005-1Kennedy, Ronald W
Kennedy, Joanne E
.506 Acre$910.26
27-0-0562212703-002Morris, Tricia LTrailer$1,747.30
27-0-0118182704-047Sparks, David A.Lot & Bldg.$6,464.36
27-0-0118192704-048Sparks, David A.Lot & Bldg.$1,431.86
27-0-0118382704-079Wheaton ConstructionLot$1,033.56
27-0-0118362704-077Wheaton, Bennett L.1/4 Acre$1,086.56
27-0-0118372704-078Wheaton, Bennett L.Lot$1,086.56
27-0-0118392704-080Wheaton, Bennett L.
Wheaton, Bruce E.
Hayfield Township
28-0-0138812811-042-1-AAlbaugh, Frank
Altenborough, Ranae
Randy Scott Crawford
Trailer – Lot 19$4,168.99
28-0-0132792807-066-1Broscious, Matthew P.
Szafranski, Kelly L.
Lot & Bldgs.$6,203.03
28-0-0126252802-043-3-AEckart, Frank L.3.2 Acres & Bldgs.$4,661.68
28-0-0130052805-027Ennis, Gerald L.
Ennis, Judy A.
Nicholas Ennis
Lot & Bldg.$10,447.84
28-0-0136812809-084-1Field, Kevin Paul4.795 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$8,495.90
28-0-0130012805-023Gaerttner, Melanie.7 Acre & Bldg.$10,123.74
28-0-0133542808-016Barbara Ann Gifford
Clarence J Marhoefer Sr
Edward J Marhoefer
Shaunnah L Marhoefer
1.6 Acres & Bldg.$7,397.61
28-0-1042802811-042-1-AKearns, RyanTrailer- Lot 20$1,095.01
28-0-0131052806-041-4McCormick, Carl P.
McCormick, William
4 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$1,919.59
28-0-0135012808-057-1McHenry, LauraTrailer – Lot E-17$2,301.61
28-0-0569092808-057-1Montero, StacyTrailer – G-6$2,292.24
28-0-0588412808-057-1Naylor, TheresaTrailer-Lot G-9$2,990.20
28-0-0126712803-009Peters, David W.Trailer & Bldg.$1,947.54
28-0-1012562807-025-3Right Choice Properties, LLC3.5583 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$3,218.44
28-0-0135032808-057-1Ross, PaullaTrailer Lot D-7$1,268.22
28-0-0139922812-038Rossey, Jackie Brown
Rossey, Jacob E.
24.99 Acres & Trailer$2,035.26
28-0-0134912808-057-1White, YvonneTrailer G-2$1,630.01
Boyce, Louis
28-0-1012792808-057-1Yeager, ThomasTrailer – Lot G-14$2,177.88
28-0-1036762808-057-1Yoder, Dustin MTrailer Lot E-4$4,901.53
Hydetown Borough
29-0-0141422901-023-2Evans, Edward J.
Evans, Nancy M.
Lot & Bldg.$3,171.77
29-0-0140972901-003-46-47-48Frank, RobertTrailer Lot 39$1,925.95
29-0-0141472901-036Jackson, Ronda D.
Jackson, Lawrence A. Jr.
Lot & Bldg.$10,542.98
29-0-0140902901-003-1Jackson, Lawrence A. Jr.
Jackson, Ronda D.
Lot 1$1,336.08
29-0-0142752901-139Kerr, Brenda L.Lot & Bldg.$5,529.14
29-0-0140962901-003-46-47-48Murdoch, RobertTrailer Lot 30$1,854.34
29-0-0143352901-188Parker, Nathan JamesLot & Bldg.$4,350.92
29-0-0142592901-127Paul, Evelyn C..46 Acres & Bldg.$4,473.42
29-0-0142052901-081Schell, Douglas W.
Schell, Lisa M.
Lot & Bldg.$5,050.37
Linesville Borough
30-0-0149243018-043Cc Real Estate Holdings, LLCLot & Bldg.$5,901.93
30-0-0144033002-009Griffith, Daniel C.Lot & Bldg.$7,357.06
30-0-0145803009-035-1Moran, Donald E.
Moran, Nancy C.
Irr. Lot & Bldg.$18,811.19
30-0-0149393018-055Russell, WilliamLot & Bldg.$4,203.09
30-0-0144813006-017-1Smith, Wesley A.
Smith, Mary Ellen
Lot & Bldg.$3,004.60
East Mead Township
31-0-0565793104-006-2Carpin, DanTrailer Lot 13$1,814.76
31-0-0151383102-033-1Chace, Corinne1.4 Acres & Trailer$3,081.10
31-0-0153563104-006-2Dart, JodiTrailer Lot 45$979.68
31-0-1037253104-009-1Fetterolf, Sr., TommyTrailer – Lot 2$1,890.09
31-0-0151263102-026-1Hancox, James A.
Hancox, Alice M.
1.42 Acres & Bldg.$6,665.79
31-0-1013633104-009-1Hanes, Ariel LTrailer – Lot 64$2,324.84
31-0-0154813104-062Joiner, Steven J.Lot & Bldg.$4,561.98
31-0-0574153104-009-1Krider, TwilaTrailer Lot 32$2,456.28
31-0-1120803104-006-2Nollner, Michael KTrailer Lot 49$1,160.22
31-0-1075043104-068Soder, BrianTrailer$2,645.96
31-0-1013693103-063-3Jeffrey Swavey
Kelly Swavey
2 Acres & Bldg.$5,259.32
31-0-1013603104-009-1Urey, BradTrailer – Lot 15$2,825.48
Urey, Angela
31-0-1013623104-009-1Brad Urey
Angela Urey
Trailer – Lot 14$1,256.50
31-0-1122593106-006-1Robert W. Urquhart
Priscilla Urquhart
31-0-0151313102-029Wagner, Gary R.
Wagner, Catherine H.
57 Acres$1,384.28
31-0-0151563103-010Webster, Melvin Glenn
Webster, Cathleen
Irwin, Jerry
Irwin, Bridget
2 Acres & Bldg.$2,233.41
31-0-0156983107-017Wilcox, Robert G., II10.36 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$8,024.97
West Mead Township
32-0-0165723213-035-ABleasdale, Vickie L.2 Lots & Bldg.$3,730.99
32-0-0165763213-038Bleasdale, Vickie L.Lot & Bldg.$5,370.54
32-0-0168073217-008-5Boor, Margie28.01 Ac$3,424.64
32-0-0177323218-030Boor, Margie4.1712 Acres & Bldg.$17,972.83
32-0-0177343218-031-ABoor, Margie3.6 Acres$1,030.42
32-0-0158043204-030Bowersox, Terry G.
Bowersox, Denise M.
Lot & Bldg.$5,896.61
32-0-0180043220-020-10-11-20-21Burress, Ester Mrs. EstLots 10-11-20-21$1,093.16
32-0-0180073220-020-18-19Burress, Luther R.Lots$1,093.16
32-0-0174063217-190-114Coon, Steven R.Lot 114 & Bldg.$7,990.07
32-0-0176913218-006Fetterman, Beatrice M.3.66 Acres & Bldg.$5,586.60
32-0-0182583222-107Froman, James E.
Froman, Napua L.
Lot & Bldg.$9,645.74
32-0-0159933208-004Joseph Hutchison
Diane D. Hutchison
4 Acres & Bldg.$5,076.75
32-0-0162403210-077-1-AJamison, Cathi L.1 1/2 Acres$1,027.66
32-0-0174193217-190-126Kelly, Robert L., Jr.
Dustin Kelly
Lot & Bldg.$12,877.42
32-0-0159973208-006Chris Maheu
Robin M
Trailer Lot 3$1,455.45
32-0-0158023204-027Parker, Donald W.
Parker, Melodie L
Lot & Bldg.$5,637.28
32-0-0173823217-185-3-68Philips, Mari J.Lot & Bldg.$9,153.20
32-0-0159233207-025Robinson, Ruby J.Lot & Bldg.$4,876.88
32-0-1130003218-003-3-AShaulis, Stephanie1.5107 Acres$1,136.74
32-0-1130013218-003-3-AShaulis, StephanieTrailer Only$3,482.92
32-0-0159423207-043Terrill, Chesley J. Jr.,Lot & Bldg.$4,455.06
32-0-0180413220-050-13-14Vittorio, Deborah L.
Vittorio, David L.
Lot & Bldg.$3,788.69
32-0-0163413210-110Wasson Heating and Fabricating32 Acres$3,320.71
32-0-0166033214-001-10R, 9R & 7RWasson, Larry J.Lots & Bldg$6,899.88
32-0-0166383214-004-63-64-65Wasson, Larry J.Lots 63-64-65 & Bldg.$15,963.36
32-0-0171283217-106-20-21-37-38Yarnell, Raymond J.Lots & Bldg.$8,704.91
32-0-0171123217-102Yarnell, Susan E.
Yarnell, Terry G
Lot & Bldg.$6,854.65
Meadville Ward 1
33-0-0187193300-013-F-12Gaines, Darlene C.Lot & Bldg.$6,666.80
33-0-0192053300-020-D-23Gaines, Darlene C.Lot & Bldg.$8,106.12
33-0-0192283300-020-E-7AGaines, James C.Lot & Bldg.$7,327.16
33-0-0187053300-013-F-13Gaines, James E.Lot & Bldg.$8,102.83
33-0-0193663300-025-A-4Manning, James R.Lot & Bldg.$6,025.17
33-0-0191333300-019-G-10McEwen, Marion M.Lot & Bldg.$1,476.42
33-0-0191443300-019-G-5McEwen, Marion M.Lot & Bldg.$11,429.44
33-0-0189113300-018-B-13McPheters, AmyLot & Bldg.$5,243.27
33-0-0192193300-020-E-18Nicholson, Tyvarth Careem JetwanLot & Bldg.$4,821.44
33-0-0194473300-027-A-47Robison, RachelLot & Bldg.$2,661.18
33-0-0185103300-011-I-13Solomon, Timothy M.Lot 29 & Bldg.$4,437.99
33-0-0188753300-018-A-15Sutton, Victoria LynnLot & Bldg.$7,332.45
33-0-0187533300-014-F-5-C-3Tuttle, GlennLots & Bldg.$4,307.08
33-0-0191433300-019-G-4Vanderveen, Susan A.Lot & Bldg.$6,862.29
33-0-0199893300-081-B-10Vanderveen, Susan AnnLot 12 & Bldg.$9,824.61
Meadville Ward 2
34-0-0204803400-004-D-2Banks, Duane L.
Banks, Lori J.
Lot 10 & Bldg.$6,327.88
34-0-0214203400-032-B-12Benjamin, StephanieLot & Bldg.$10,389.53
34-0-0201173400-002-D-23Bliscik, James A.
Bliscik, Margie J.
Lot & Bldg.$7,106.22
34-0-0207833400-006-D-9Borkowski, Joseph C.Lot & Bldg.$7,097.92
34-0-0204013400-004-E-33Gaines, Darlene C.Lot & Bldg.$10,390.50
34-0-0210933400-008-D-37Graves, Sharon B.
Graves, James A.
Lot & Bldg.$8,239.84
34-0-0219283400-083-B-20A-21-22-23-24Griffin, Heather M.
Frantz, Dennis C.
Lot & Bldg.$11,450.64
34-0-0204853400-004-D-6Katulich, ChadLot & Bldg.$5,952.75
34-0-0218883400-063-B-9Maisner, Arthur L.
Maisner, Kimberly A.
Lot & Bldgs.$9,752.58
34-0-0202373400-002-D-7Miller, Paul M.Lot & Bldg.$9,525.16
34-0-0204223400-004-H-1Petruolo, Steven S.
Braden, Vicky Sue
Pt Lot 18 & Bldg.$7,109.71
34-0-0203133400-003-A-13Phillips, AliciaLot & Bldg.$2,531.76
34-0-0204743400-004-C-7Ploski, Garth L.Lot & Bldg.$7,983.28
34-0-0203243400-003-A-26Scott, Karen L.Lot & Bldg.$9,675.96
34-0-0218953400-063-B-13Smith, Christopher M.Lot & Bldg.$7,176.95
34-0-0218983400-063-B-14Smith, Christopher M.Lot$1,178.30
34-0-0216783400-035-A-20-FTrimble, Arthur R.Lot & Bldg.$6,743.84
34-0-0212383400-013-A-12-13A-13BTrustees Of Bethel A.M.E. ChurchLot & Bldg.$6,313.59
34-0-0210333400-008-B-23Wagner, Robert W., Jr.
Wagner, Marsha A.
Lot & Bldg.$6,363.53
34-0-0203123400-003-A-12Walker, Louise W.Lot & Bldg.$3,197.53
34-0-0207853400-006-E-10Wescott, HelenLot & Bldg.$3,700.70
Meadville Ward 3
35-0-0224193500-010-A-20Adams, Barry J.Lot & Bldg.$5,664.90
35-0-0225583500-015-D-15Fluid Mind Counseling, LLCLot & Bldg.$15,157.22
35-0-0226103500-015-F-17Gaines, James E.Lot & Bldg.$8,685.89
35-0-0224053500-010-A-16Harris, Robert L.Lot & Bldgs.$6,045.22
35-0-0222563500-009-C-36Lake, Shawn E.
Lake, Sarah A.
Lot & Bldg.$8,635.57
35-0-0228463500-016-H-6Mayo, RitaLot & Bldg.$4,600.79
35-0-0227883500-016-F-6McPheters, AmyLot$1,939.02
35-0-0227903500-016-F-8McPheters, Amy L.Lot & Bldg.$5,548.44
35-0-0224223500-010-A-5Morfenski, Robert
Morfenski, Olivia
Lot & Bldg.$4,510.23
35-0-0223713500-009-E-47Robert G. Narr
Dawn M. Narr
LOT & BLDG.$10,062.10
35-0-0226923500-016-B-24Palmer, John Jr.
Palmer, Thelma
Palmer, Donald
Palmer, Erika
Lot & Bldg.$5,044.43
36-0-0233643600-022-C-2Mondo, Michael A.Lot$12,067.63
36-0-0233813600-022-D-18Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Robert E.
Jones, Tony
Lot & Bldg.$2,506.20
Meadville Ward 5
37-0-0235453700-028-C-5Byers, Robert M.
Byers, Violet R.
Lot & Bldg.$6,160.56
37-0-1040033700-065-1AKahler, AudreyTrailer Lot 308$1,470.55
37-0-0236833700-029-E-14Keyser, Grace A.
Keyser, Richard C.
Lot & Bldg.$3,418.43
37-0-0237283700-065-1ALaver, KimberlyTrailer Lot 411$2,336.07
37-0-0701893700-065-1AMattocks, DustinTrailer – Lot 110$924.84
37-0-0236943700-029-F-5Nickolay, DavidLot & Bldg.$4,096.51
37-0-0236843700-029-E-15-16Nickolay, David H.2 Lots & Bldg.$5,271.59
37-0-0236953700-029-F-6Nickolay, David H.Lot & Bldg.$4,694.70
37-0-0236153700-028-J-3Rose, Douglas M.Lot & Bldg.$4,419.65
37-0-0557673700-065-A-2A-3B-4 & 66A-5ASwartwood, CodyTrailer Lot 24$2,140.78
Oil Creek Township
38-0-0244923807-034Beers, Irvin L.
Beers, Beth A.
14 1/2 Acres$1,382.81
38-0-0244933807-034-1Beers, Irvin L.
Beers, Beth A.
4 1/2 Acres$1,192.47
38-0-0244973807-038Beers, Irvin L.
Beers, Beth A.
9 Acres & Bldg.$4,913.19
38-0-0248663812-013Bickel, Donald E.
Bickel, Marjorie D.
Lot & Bldg.$4,572.38
38-0-0245393808-010-3-1Bryan, Phillip
Crystal Kennedy
.83 Acres & Bldg.$3,960.43
38-0-0243983806-084Burgeson, MarcellaTrailer Lot 7$1,591.78
38-0-0241133804-023Burrows, Michael M.2 Acres$880.13
38-0-0241143804-024Burrows, Michael M.11 Acres & Bldg.$2,074.97
38-0-0239933803-006-2Clingerman, Richard C.
Clingerman, Kathy Jo
Lot & Bldg.$3,565.41
38-0-0249373812-080Fox, Jack
Fox, Nancy A.
Lot & Bldg.$2,812.64
38-0-0249383812-081Fox, Jack
Fox, Nancy A.
2 1/2 Acres & Bldg.$16,375.92
38-0-0245313808-009Goodwill, Delbert F.
Goodwill, Doris G.
.5 Acre & Bldg.$1,437.67
38-0-0245403808-010-4Goodwill, Delbert F.
Goodwill, Doris G.
6.75 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$1,644.27
38-0-0245043807-041Harrison, Donald A.
Harrison, Elmira R.
Lot & Bldg.$5,696.23
38-0-0245183807-046-8Harrison, Donald A.
Harrison, Elmira R.
38-0-0250043813-027Hartley, Karol G.
Hartley, Craig A.
Lot & Bldg.$6,289.28
38-0-0243863806-073Knouff, Lee A
Grazier, Samantha A.
Lot & Bldg.$2,023.28
38-0-0245223807-047-1Labow, John Paul
Labow, Bettie H.
Steven Labow
3 3/10 Acres & Bldg.$8,400.68
38-0-0249833813-007Matteson, Donald G.
Matteson, Vivian M.
38-0-0250063813-028Matteson, Donald G.
Matteson, Vivian M.
3.21 Acres & Bldg.$7,860.29
38-0-0243783806-066-1Muir, Kyle
Muir, Christine A.
1/2 Acre & Bldg.$3,486.92
38-0-0588623801-008Olsen, Karyn S.
Hutchison, Deann L.
Hutchison, Michelle M
Hutchison, Shawn E.
Trailer Lot 6$1,318.63
38-0-0239853803-002-1-1Parker, Nathan J.1.513 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$2,920.66
38-0-0244283806-091Parker, Stephen C.Lot$861.68
38-0-0241853805-019Sutton, Roland R.
Sutton, Linda
20.11 Acres & Bldg.$3,486.03
Pine Township
39-0-0255003902-053Esmark Realty Associates PA I, LP2.22 Acres & Bldg.$54,189.15
39-0-0252153901-003-186-187Keeno, Tina M.Lots & Trailer$1,840.14
39-0-0252163901-003-188Keeno, Tina Marie
Douglass, John Brian
Lot & Trailer$1,927.73
39-0-0252173901-003-189Keeno, Tina Marie
Douglass, John Brian
Lot 189$880.23
39-0-0256453903-012-1Kerns, Robert L.
Kerns, Marilyn R.
Lot & Bldg.$7,529.78
39-0-0256533903-015-1-BKerns, Robert L.
Kerns, Marilyn R.
.746 Acres$1,095.38
39-0-0252083901-003-175-176McCutcheon, TimothyLots & Bldgs.& Trailer$3,865.58
39-0-0254653902-023Joseph Toth
Almalena Toth
Lots 44-45-46-47 & Bldg.$3,621.91
Randolph Township
40-0-0261524008-024Barnett, Dusty JLot & Bldg.$7,079.02
40-0-0566714014-008-2Bickel, Lorrayne
Dashner, Joyce
6.96 Acres & Trailer$1,659.80
40-0-0266304014-008Bickel, Randy E.
Bickel, Eugene
106.81 Ac & Bldgs$18,678.31
40-0-0267064015-025Bickel, Randy E.
Bickel, Eugene
2 Acres & Bldg.$5,370.30
40-0-0582884001-012-2Bradley, Mary.47 Acres$928.39
40-0-0257434001-017Bradley, Mary FLot$928.39
40-0-1098284001-017Bradley, Timothy L.Trailer$1,539.87
40-0-0266914015-015Kenwin LLC83.5 Acres$3,504.53
40-0-0257694001-032-2Luikart, Elaine A.4 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$4,768.92
40-0-0264424011-032Mailliard, William L.1 3/4 Acres & Bldg.$1,789.67
40-0-0263564010-030McPheters, Amy1 Acre & Bldg.$2,952.64
40-0-0257534001-024Miller, Helen3 Acres$898.39
40-0-1106744001-032-4Murphy, Richard1.024 Acres$893.62
40-0-0266844015-012-3Nickel, James H.
Nickel, Maureen Ann
c/o Natalie Tharp
2 1/2 Acres & Trailer$1,339.94
40-0-0266804015-012Rees, Charles & Joanne2 Acres$989.46
40-0-0266524014-021-1Wheaton, Bennett L.
Ramsay, Carol
6 Acres & Bldg$4,343.98
Richmond Township
41-0-0272814107-011Archer, James
Archer, Cathy
6 Acres & Bldg.$3,756.80
41-0-0274104108-031-1Barnyard Properties, LLC6 Acres & Trailer$4,510.36
41-0-0276234111-005-4Davis, Stacey
Blewett, Frank
1.054 Acres & Bldg.$3,072.49
41-0-1080974104-052-1-ADennis, Donna
Dennis, Kory
41-0-0564384108-051-1-AHall, James W.3.98 Acres$1,183.10
41-0-0268314101-015-3Howard, Michael
Howard, Abby
6 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$6,357.36
41-0-0271234104-042-4Lalonde, Michael J10.01 Acres & Bldg.$5,651.31
41-0-0272914107-015-2Mattern, Alice E.Lot & Rear Lot & Bldg.$7,499.86
41-0-0275364110-005-2Millard, Daniel P1 Acre$965.02
41-0-0276054110-035-1Parker, Travis J.
Parker, Pamela E.
1 Acre & Trailer$6,477.53
41-0-0270444104-003Safko, FredLot$1,180.63
41-0-0275494110-011Spencer, Tia Sue
Spencer, Terrance P
13 Acres & Bldg.$11,030.41
Rockdale Township
42-0-0279094204-030Anthony, Brenda S.18 Acres & Bldgs.$5,442.33
42-0-0283564209-035-53Bedow, Clive
Bedow, Ruth
c/o Andrew Bedow
Lot 53 & Bldg.$1,411.91
42-0-0284154209-035-135Caldwell, RebeccaLot 135 & Bldg.$6,286.87
42-0-0284304209-035-159-160Dingle, Kevin SLots & Bldg.$1,295.63
42-0-0702304209-006-2c/o Donald Way
Dobson, William M.
Dobson, Edna
42-0-0283234209-035-17Feeney, Lawrence Daniel
Feeney, Ann
Frost, Leta
Lot 17 & Trailer$1,286.38
42-0-0283244209-035-18Feeney, Lawrence Daniel
Feeney, Ann
Frost, Leta
Lot 18$889.60
42-0-0278594203-027-3Hart, Paul M.2 Acres & Trailer & Bldgs.$5,850.75
42-0-0283264209-035-21-22Heitman-Church, DeborahLot 21 & 22 & Bldg.$2,365.75
42-0-0280524206-030-2Kenny, Jodi MarieLot & Bldg.$3,483.78
42-0-1130034204-024Martin, Jeffery LBldg.$2,630.30
42-0-0278204203-007-1Mccool, Jeremy S5 Acres & Bldgs. & Trailer$11,750.61
42-0-1017254202-040-1-A-3Melnick, Jeffrey W3.73 Acres & Trailer$3,492.69
42-0-0284234209-035-146-147Obuszewski, Edward
Obuszewski, Annette
c/o Debra Brunner
Rick Brunner
Lots & Bdlgs.$3,528.39
42-0-0284244209-035-148Obuszewski, Edward
Obuszewski, Annette
Debra Brunner
Rick Brunner
42-0-0284254209-035-149Obuszewski, Edward
Obuszewski, Annette
Debra Brunner
Rick Brunner
Lot 149$1,084.86
42-0-0283054209-035-B-6-B-7Percy, John E.Lot B6 & B7 & Bldg. & Trailer$2,183.66
42-0-0283064209-035-B-8-B-9Percy, John E.Lots$1,218.30
42-0-1017494209-008-2Schwenk, RichardTrailer-Lot 2-2$1,218.30
Rome Township
43-0-1027634301-038-1-AActon, Andrew P.
Acton, Beth R.
2 Acres & Trailer$1,306.95
43-0-0290444310-017Biltz, Casey
Biltz, Chevy
71.63 Acres & Trailer$2,659.75
43-0-0285324301-052-1Bradick, Philip C.
Bradick, Geraldine M.
c/o Robert A. Gallo
4.99 Acres & Bldg.$3,222.50
43-0-0286794302-058-1Denham, Elery A.
Denham, Arlene M.
25 Acres & Trailer$2,424.66
43-0-0566944312-007-1C-1A-4Frost, Mark6 1/2 Acres$1,134.96
43-0-1138314301-006-3Gingerich, David5 Acres & Bldg$5,923.36
43-0-0292404312-002Master, Arthur L.
Master, Irene A.
2 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$3,636.68
43-0-0292084311-051-3Matteson, Donald5.69  Acres$1,209.82
43-0-0284954301-027-1Miller, John J.
Miller, Esther W.
20 Acres & Bldg.$9,176.33
43-0-0289634308-024-2Debra S. Kemp
Muir, David G.
22 Acres & Trailer$1,325.94
43-0-0289624308-024-1Muir, Dustin A4.39 Acres & Bldg.$1,825.50
43-0-0569134308-024-1-1Muir, Kevin D.
Muir, Cynthia O.
3.5 Acres & Trailer$6,978.81
43-0-0288694306-009Roy A. Schweitzer
Wahnita R. Schweitzer
55.02 ACRES$1,879.20
43-0-0288124304-012Vernon J. Troyer
Miriam M. Troyer
23.6 ACRES$1,172.16
43-0-0288134304-012-1Troyer, Vernon J.
Troyer, Miriam
10 Acres & Bldg$1,317.31
43-0-1017484304-012-2Troyer, Vernon J.
Troyer, Miriam
79.4 Acres & Bldg.$7,639.35
43-0-1017714302-057-6Vanderhoff, Hubert E.
Vanderhoff, Marlene S
61.8 Acres$2,731.14
43-0-0286224302-036Vanderhoff, Hubert E., Jr.30.475 Acres & Bldg.$6,065.60
43-0-0578314302-060-1Wakeley, William R., Jr.
Wakeley, Paula J.
.9 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$5,529.12
43-0-0284684301-010-1White, Melissa1.99 Acres & Trailer$3,152.41
Sadsbury Township
44-0-0321014407-015-65-66-96-102Amolsch, Elvin C.
Amolsch, Phyllis A.
4 Lots$1,056.37
44-0-0321024407-015-67-68Amolsch, Elvin C.
Amolsch, Phyllis A.
Lots 67-68 & Bldg.$7,187.17
44-0-0321044407-015-71-72-73Amolsch, Elvin C
Amolsch, Phyllis A.
Lots 71-72-73$891.60
44-0-0318184404-026-1Andrews, Jason Aaron a/k/a Jason A.Lot & Bldg.$9,488.77
44-0-0322084408-010Baker, Dickson
Holabaugh, Richard D.
Lot & Bldg.$6,148.05
44-0-0294744402-013-C-3-4Bond, H. MichelleLots 2 & 3 & Trailer$5,890.88
44-0-0295934402-022-ACampbell, Glenn C.
Campbell, Phyllis M.
4.4528 Acres (56 Lots)$1,195.11
44-0-0294984402-022Campbell, Scott C.33.765 Acres$3,721.48
44-0-0295834402-022-369-381 INCCampbell, Scott C.13 Lots$1,263.56
44-0-0303454403-042-58Campbell, Scott C.Lot 58$1,263.56
44-0-0303464403-042-59Campbell, Scott C.Lot 59 & Bldg.$6,340.94
44-0-0308104403-045-17-ACampbell, Scott C.Lot 17a & Bldg.$3,627.31
44-0-0582744406-025-2-A-1Esmark Realty Associates PA, III, LP4.322 Acres & Bldg. (Excalibur Machine)$49,524.95
44-0-0315474403-060-2Flynn, GaryTrailer Lot 21$1,144.83
44-0-0293554401-027Free, John H.Lot & Bldg.$1,931.79
44-0-0299064403-002-23Gaetano, DonnyLot & Bldg.$3,428.52
44-0-0298754403-001-47-DGehm, David J.Lots & Bldg.$5,054.04
44-0-0297124402-059-6Griggs, Georgie A.Lot$870.92
44-0-0304204403-042-183-184Heller, Walter F.
Heller, Nancy M.
Lots 183 & 184 & Bldg.$7,235.92
44-0-0294894402-014Hewlett, Linda17 Acres & Bldg.$14,758.24
44-0-0315784403-065-12Howick, Walter J
Howick, Alice M
Lot & Bldg.$5,260.94
44-0-0315794403-065-13Howick, Walter J.
Howick, Alice M
1/3 Acre & Bldg.$6,548.68
44-0-0318444404-044-45Howick, Alice Marie
Howick, Walter J.
1.578 Acres & Bldg.$13,740.16
44-0-0584504404-044-45Howick, Walter J.
Howick, Alice M
44-0-0299004403-002-17Huffman, William
Huffman, Margaret M.
Lot & Bldg.$4,741.51
44-0-0297024402-057Huidekoper Group, Inc.Tri. Lot$1,673.03
44-0-0297034402-058Huidekoper Group, Inc.12.695 Acres & Bldg.$16,675.78
44-0-0314244403-053-464Kalas, J. Joel
Kalas, Anna
Lot 464 & Bldg.$10,311.91
44-0-0309594403-049-12Miller, PaulLot 12$1,303.77
44-0-0321174407-015-CMoore, Anna A.Lot & Trailer & Bldg.$2,232.70
44-0-0559864403-060-2Moss, DavidTrailer Lot 69$2,228.67
44-0-0304854403-044-D-30-D31-E30Murphy, Stephen R3 Lots & Bldg.$13,182.64
44-0-0299164403-002-34Nannini, Alfred L.Lot 134 & Bldg.$5,139.30
44-0-0303184403-042-16-17O’Malley, Michael PLots & Bldg$10,162.97
44-0-1099494403-012-2A-3APeters, John T JrPts. Lots 2a & 3a & Bldg$46,686.89
44-0-1099524403-011-B-1Peters, John T Jr.6887 Acres Or 100×300 (Lot)$1,709.85
44-0-0556584403-002-67Schanz, Donald C.
Schanz, Cheryl L.
Schanz, Donald C Jr
Lot 67 & Bldg.$5,833.39
44-0-0321104407-015-115Smith, Gilbert O
Smith, Julia M
Lot 115$942.93
44-0-0321134407-015-122Smith, Gilbert O
Smith, Julia M
Lot 122$942.93
44-0-0321304407-025Weiland, James C5.44 Acres & Bldg.$9,274.74
44-0-1092744408-001-1Wood, Joseph E
Wood, Tabatha A
30 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$3,891.97
North Shenango Township
46-0-0347824605-024-458Ayala, Ralph A.
Ayala, Anne A.
Ayala, Wilfred
46-0-0340774605-001-111Brenchak, Melinda A.Lot 111$895.39
46-0-0351374606-017Thomas Britton
Charles T. Britton
46-0-0351364606-016Charles T. Britton
Thomas Britton
Lots & Bldg.$5,667.79
46-0-0345194605-023-47-(R)Butko, David K.Lot & Bldg.$3,769.18
46-0-0346734605-024-258Ciappetta, Pamela D.Lot 258$816.63
46-0-0343434605-019-23Clark, Earl E.
Clark, Rachel
Lot & Trailer$3,872.79
46-0-1111004606-039-A-176Corey, Raymond F. & Susan R Et AlLot & Bldg$1,113.13
46-0-0355604606-039-A-139-177Corey, Raymond F. & Susan R. Et AlLot & Bldg. & Trailer$3,028.35
46-0-0329304602-001-515Courtney, RaymondLot 515$944.35
46-0-0350394605-029-194-(R)Cozad, D’ann L.Lots & Bldg.$6,390.35
46-0-0358304607-013-1-32-33Davis, GaryLots & Bldg.$9,916.24
Russell, Jessica
46-0-0343834605-019-90Delmastro, Ludwig E.
Delmastro, Laverne P.
Delmastro, Eric
46-0-0343844605-019-91Delmastro, Ludwig E.
Delmastro, Laverne P.
Delmastro, Eric c/o
Lot & Bldg.$3,416.05
46-0-0348834605-027-92Federici, David Vincent
Federici, Anne Michelle
Lot 92$888.82
46-0-0355034606-033-110-111-112Fodor, Julius J
Fodor, Patricia
Julie Fodor
Lots & Trailer$3,766.17
46-0-0337894602-032-73Gajowski, ValerieLot 73$883.31
46-0-0340764605-001-109-(R)Garfold, Raymond F., Jr. Et AlLot & Bldg.$3,137.74
46-0-0354484606-030-60-61Germeryer, William E
Germeryer, Wendy K
Lots & Trailer$7,308.45
46-0-0354474606-030-59Germeryer, William E
Germeryer, Wendy K
Lot 59$1,059.51
46-0-0348894605-027-106-(R)Hammond, James
Hernandez, Ramona (Downey)
Lots & Trailer$2,100.03
46-0-0356904606-039-A-91-(R)Hart, Brian T
Hart, Rebecca M
Lot & Trailer & Bldg.$2,980.93
46-0-1019374606-025-B-51-(R)Herbster, William T.

Herbster, Brandy L.

Lots 51 & 56 & Trailer$3,844.03
46-0-0338034602-032-97-(R)Hite, Sherrie
Hite, Gary
Lot & Bldg.$5,443.47
46-0-0341694605-002-73Hite, Gary P
Hite, Sherrie
Pt Lot-73 & Bldg.$4,750.02
46-0-0341714605-002-73-BHite, Gary P
Hite, Sherrie
Lot 73b$1,094.75
46-0-0331214602-006-22Kairush, Michael A
Kairush, Suzanne M
Lot & Bldg.$7,598.08
46-0-0357464606-049-60Knupp, Robert S.Lot 60$1,051.99
46-0-0350564605-029-223Lippert, DonaldLot 223$853.31
46-0-0328534602-001-360Littell, EstelLot 360$906.81
46-0-0344794605-020-70-71-A1-B1Lucas, Kenneth RLot 70,71, A1, B1 & Bldg.$16,740.12
46-0-0336024602-022-107Matkovich, StephenLot-107$764.11
46-0-0352064606-025-B-81Matkovich, StephenLot 81$828.74
46-0-0350904606-000-A-959-960-1/2 961McGowan, Kimberly
Herold, Karen
McGowan, William J
Lots & Trailer$1,747.37
46-0-0350934606-000-A-964-965McGowan, Kimberly
Herold, Karen
McGowan, William J
46-0-0351124606-000-A-963-962-1/2 961McGowan, Kimberly
Herold, Karen (Osborne)
McGowan, William J
46-0-0345234605-023-56-(R)McPheters, AmyLot & Bldg.$4,184.01
46-0-0563684606-033-90Nemeth, Francis
Nemeth, Sharon
Lot 90 & Trailer & Bldg.$1,554.81
46-0-0340324605-001-44-(R)Nicklaus, Ralph H
Nicklaus, Karen A
Lot & Trailer$7,318.27
46-0-0588574605-019-159Owens, Steve & DebbieTrailer$3,662.37
46-0-0331634602-006-174Paszt, ChesterLot 174$883.31
46-0-0351584606-025-A-18Plesniak, Walter P
Plesniak, Edward
Lot 18$1,299.33
46-0-0351594606-025-A-19Plesniak, Walter P.
Plesniak, Edward
Lot 19 & Trailer$7,082.19
46-0-0351814606-025-B-17Plesniak, Walter P.
Plesniak, Edward
Lot 17$1,423.11
46-0-0326564602-001-1Roberts, Kent W.
Roberts, Mary E.
Lot 1$779.56
46-0-0351274606-007-1Robison, Glenn M
Robison, Theresa A
84.53 Acres & Bldg.$6,176.59
46-0-0338244602-038Robison, Glenn M.1.8 Acres & Bldg.$2,943.45
46-0-0351484606-024Robison, Glenn M.
Robison, Theresa A
73 Acres & Bldg.$4,768.69
46-0-0330754602-006-35Schmitt, James FLot 35$876.81
46-0-0358674607-013-1-66-67Smith, Thomas R. & Diane R.Lots 66 & 67$1,643.07
South Shenango Township
47-0-0362814701-009-166Barnes, Gary IILot & Trailer$1,161.63
47-0-0384374706-055-1Bolcsak, Frank J
Bolcsak, Pearle A
Renninger, James T
Renninger, Michele
1 1/2 Acres & Trailer$2,259.16
47-0-0375654704-035-10-(R)Calianno, Leonard RLots 10 & Bldg.$4,789.88
47-0-0373914704-025-1-(R)Aley, Leanna Marie (Admin)
Campbell, Robert B.
Campbell, Randi S.
Lot & Bldg.$12,368.74
47-0-0363644701-009-155Cloud, Thomas J.
Cloud, Barbara J.
Lot 155$1,218.78
47-0-0376574704-040-1Cooney, Rob C
Connor, Pam
Trailer Lot 76$3,337.27
47-0-0361644701-005-10Cozad, D’annLot & Trailer & Bldg.$7,339.13
47-0-0361604701-005-71-(R)Eheman, Lawrence A JrLot & Trailer$2,626.99
47-0-0360724701-002-380Esner, David K.Lot 380$944.72
47-0-0362374701-009-FFeketik, Laurie5.1 Acres & Bldg.$6,737.72
47-0-0386044707-026-191-(R)Floch, Timothy L
Floch, Lorraine
Jason S Shook
Lot & Trailer$3,212.83
47-0-0376064704-035-71Gazzo, Catherine MarieLot 71$807.54
47-0-0376084704-035-73Gazzo, Susanna MaeLot 73$807.54
47-0-0371294704-012-335Goff, Robert J.Lot 335 & Trailer$2,110.54
47-0-1123404705-005-1-28-29-30-31Hamilton. Jamey M
Hamilton, Sara A
LOTS 28,29,30 & 31$2,223.10
47-0-0364924701-011-AHart, Tamara J.
Hart, Joseph R.
Lot & Bldg.$1,502.40
47-0-0372954704-025-A-125-(R)Hickinbottom, Brad J
Hickinbottom, Heather R
Lot & Trailer & Bldg.$2,074.77
47-0-0366744702-002-1-692Hickman, Edward G.
Hickman, Shelvie J.
47-0-0386344707-026-259Horner, RonaldLot 259 & Trailer$2,000.21
47-0-0373614704-025-A-3-(R)Kane, Richard Alton
Kane, Rebecca Lynn
Lot & Trailer$4,049.78
47-0-0373694704-025-A-5-(R)Kane, Richard Alton
Kane, Rebecca Lynn
Lot & Bldg.$4,210.46
47-0-0380424705-005Landman, Sandra L Estate2.39 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$4,412.02
47-0-0368694703-002Livingston, Marshall L.Trailer$1,182.35
47-0-0365164701-012-17-18Parrish, Jason RLots & Bldg. & Trailer$4,180.20
47-0-0363894701-010-A-38-39Simonetta, Patrick
Simonetta, Carolyn
Lots 38 & 39 & Bldg.$1,364.99
47-0-0387494707-026-496-(R)Sparks, Jonathan T.Lot & Trailer$2,600.95
47-0-0384334706-052-1Stephens, Brandon Gary4.06 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$4,241.26
47-0-0380454705-005-1-104-103Thall, William A SrLots 104 & 103$1,920.32
Thall, Mary F
47-0-1123374705-005-1-98 THRU 102Thall, William A Sr
Thall, Mary F
Lots 98, 99, 100, 101 & 102$2,934.62
47-0-0380464705-005-1-105Thall, William A Sr
Thall, Mary F
Lot & Trailer$8,601.89
47-0-0384364706-055Trgovic, William1.5476 Acres & Bldg.$3,497.22
47-0-0385934707-026-166-(R)Whipple, Michelle L.Lot 166 & 167 & Trailer$5,142.73
47-0-0363614701-009-E-57Zimmer, ClaudiaTrailer$2,145.33
47-0-0386204707-026-233-234-235Zozom, Robert
Flowers, Kimberly
Lots 233-234-235 & Trailer$4,974.66
West Shenango Township
48-0-0396914803-047Bruce, Timothy
Bruce, James
Lot & Bldg.$4,901.71
48-0-0396984803-054Bruce, Timothy
Bruce, James
48-0-0393404801-051Burnett, James E
Burnett, Roberta
1/2 Acre & Bldg.$2,454.27
48-0-0390554801-029-239-240Frankel, DonaldLots 239-240$1,190.59
48-0-0392874801-036-2Freeman, Kay ETrailer Lot 1$1,301.43
48-0-0391144801-029-338-339-340-341Hart, Nathaniel C.Lots 338-339-340-341 & Bldg.$12,503.14
48-0-0393414801-051-1Owen, Brenda L.Lot & Bldg.$6,647.81
48-0-0394484801-062-193Owen, Brenda L.Lot 193$976.62
Sparta Township
49-0-1020494901-020-1-2Byler, Melvin C
Byler, Mattie J
4.5 Acres & Bldg.$8,800.25
49-0-0402024907-035Howell, Andrew L. II
Howell, Debra G.
1 Acre & Bldg.$2,987.51
49-0-0402514908-023-1Howell, Larry
Howell, Debra G.
10.14 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$4,086.81
49-0-0570254907-005Miller, MistyTrailer$2,517.89
49-0-0400934906-029-1Proper, Terry2.15 Acres & Bldg.$5,173.16
49-0-1020874910-014-4Rasey, W. James Jr.
Rasey, Terry
1.49 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$4,206.18
49-0-0401604907-011-3Shade, Leslie G., Jr..661 Acres & Bldg.$2,026.86
Spartansburg Borough
50-0-0405795006-005Byler, Benjamin J.Lot & Bldg. & Trailer$5,763.75
Spring Township
51-0-0407395101-018-266H-267H-317H-318H-347H-348HAloi, Catherine, Depace, Joseph, Gentile6 Lots$886.24
51-0-0408485103-009Boardman, Sharon Gallagher
Boardman, William Boa
5.824 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$2,722.03
51-0-1119005101-014Bradley, Crystal & JamesTrailer$3,208.65
51-0-0407045101-009Gilliland, Paulette I.5 Acres & Bldgs.$7,445.48
51-0-0410505106-017-1-1Johnson, Denise A.5 Acres & Trailer$1,925.73
51-0-0412915110-011Milovanovich, Robert1 1/4 Acres$912.07
51-0-0412925110-012Milovanovich, RobertLot$912.07
51-0-0412805110-001Schroeck, Therese E.12 Acres & Bldgs.$10,435.30
51-0-0412815110-002Schroeck, Therese E.42 Acres & Bldgs.$27,661.55
51-0-0573385103-032-1-1Trace, Roy.6 Acres & Bldgs.$9,577.74
Springboro Borough
52-0-1021115201-020-1Erb, John
Erb, Sherry L.
Lot & Bldg.$1,807.53
Steuben Township
53-0-0424105308-032Fink, Robert D. Jr.,
Fink, Victoria L.
Lot & Bldg.$2,930.42
53-0-0424135308-034-1Fink, Robert D. Jr.,
Fink, Victoria L.
53-0-0419615302-020Fultz, Kimberly A15 Acres & Bldg$1,744.58
53-0-0418785301-021-3Wheeling, Lisa
Graves, Gary L.
1 Acre & Trailer$3,923.64
53-0-0420345303-026-1Hamilton, IanLot$1,053.23
53-0-0420365303-027Hamilton, IanLot$1,371.96
53-0-0420395303-030Hamilton, IanLot & Bldg.$4,631.82
53-0-0420405303-031Hamilton, IanLot$1,028.23
53-0-0420415303-032Hamilton, IanLot & Bldg.$2,093.49
53-0-0420315303-024Hamilton, Kathryn
Hamilton, Ian L.
13 Acres$1,294.58
53-0-0420325303-025Hamilton, Ian L
Hamilton, Kathryn
19 Acres, Trailer & Bldg.$5,236.22
53-0-0421585304-020-2Hipwell, Laura C1.31 Acres & Bldg.$5,821.67
53-0-0420515303-041Hopkins, John E Jr2 Acre Lot And Trailer$2,056.10
53-0-0420525303-042Hopkins, John E Jr2 Acres & Bldg.$3,862.21
53-0-0422245305-026Lipinsky, EugeneTrailer Lot 4$1,258.76
53-0-0423135306-036Patterson, Michael
Patterson, Cornnelia A
30.206 Acres & Bldg. & Trailer$11,173.42
53-0-0423345307-010-1Silvis, Stephen R.12 Acres & Trailer$1,918.07
53-0-1104235303-014-1Smith, AutumnTrailer Lot 26$1,809.44
53-0-0421345304-007-1Thunder Springs Biotecture, LLCLot$1,260.94
53-0-0421855305-007Wright, Brian N.33 Acres & Bldg.$3,981.98
Summerhill Township
54-0-0431275409-031-1Batka, John
Batka, Christine
6 Acres & Trailer$3,376.45
54-0-1022065405-010-6-AJacklett, Tiffany1.98 Acres +/- & Trailer & Bldg.$1,361.16
54-0-0429185406-015-1Kingston, Jeffrey R.
Kingston, Marilyn J.
10.01 Acres & Bldg.$5,853.47
54-0-0428115405-006-11Mcmillin, Kirk A.27.66 Acres & Bldg.$10,180.59
54-0-0426705403-014-5-1Murphy, Joseph T
Murphy, Christine Lynn
5.009 Acres$1,852.17
54-0-0426795403-019Murphy, Joseph Thomas25 Acres & Trailer$2,041.20
54-0-0430355407-039Potts, Amadea
Potts, James John
Lot & Bldg.$6,841.50
54-0-0425265402-011-1Shreffler, Ronald W1 1/2 Acres & Trailer$4,719.12
Summit Township
55-0-0443365512-015Blakely, Gary E JrLot & Bldg. & Trailer$4,182.23
55-0-0441945510-016Calvert, Charlene L.1 Acre & Bldg.$4,603.36
55-0-0443195512-009-14Delledonne, Ronald
Delledonne, Virginia
Lot 14$885.28
55-0-0443295512-009-pt-15Delledonne, Ronald
Delledonne, Virginia
E. 1/2 Lot 15$885.28
55-0-0438485508-024-1Foust, Harry L.1 Acre & Trailer$2,184.08
55-0-0446485512-087-1-2Hanley, Orpheus
Hanley, Kimberly M
Lots 1 & 2 & Bldg.$17,251.79
55-0-0438695508-039-2Kephart, Walter R.
Kephart, Ruth A.
1 Acre & Bldg.$2,876.17
55-0-0438115508-005Logan, Jon L
Logan, Rhoda L
Lot & Bldg.$9,037.20
55-0-0447255512-089-171Matkovich, StephenLot 171$1,148.47
55-0-0437915507-124Mountain, KarrieTrailer Lot 22$4,359.82
55-0-0446315512-085-1-79Murray, James K
Murray, Diane L.
Lot 79 & Trailer$2,404.84
55-0-0438525508-027-1Nader, Casey
Nader, Lauren
1 1/4 Acres & Bldg.$4,880.43
55-0-0577945507-124Petruso, LoriTrailer Lot 26$3,269.09
55-0-0441325509-008Phillips, Brian D
Phillips, Michelle
Lot & Trailer$6,056.29
55-0-0437455507-093Pitts Properties, LLCLot & Bldg.$4,790.72
55-0-0442705511-011-1Quail, Michael T JrLot & Bldg$10,758.15
55-0-0435485506-009Running, Gail
Chatley, Steve
Lot & Bldg.$7,431.08
55-0-0435495506-010Running, Gail
Chatley, Steve
5 Acres$1,343.68
55-0-0441225509-002Winchel & Berlin Builders
Bayer Enterprises, LLC
55 Acres$1,795.30
Titusville Ward 1
56-0-0454365600-000-E-5-9Atha, Tracey ELot & Bldg.$4,665.33
56-0-0455835600-000-K-1-76Burdick, JosephLot & Bldg.$3,938.33
56-0-0451855600-000-B-4-49Crawford, David R
Bowers, Roberta
Lot & Bldg.$2,573.65
56-0-0452005600-000-C-1-2Dahle, Ronald ELot & Bldg.$5,729.99
56-0-0453435600-000-D-4-10Dougherty, Cynthia JLot & Bldg.$6,737.49
56-0-0451475600-000-B-4-53Hathaway, ShonnetteLot & Bldg.$5,321.60
56-0-0451825600-000-B-4-50Huff, James B
Warner, Justin E.
Lot & Bldg.$5,970.55
56-0-0451235600-000-B-3-12Knouff, LeeLot & Bldg.$5,419.14
56-0-0449885600-000-A-2-12-AMatteson, Donald G.
Aucter, Bridget A.
Lot & Bldg.$2,813.94
56-0-0449895600-000-A-2-12Matteson, Donald G.
Aucter, Bridget A.
Lot & Bldg.$12,924.53
56-0-0456025600-000-K-1-31Moore, Tia MLot & Bldg.$3,889.12
56-0-0456235600-000-K-4-59-18-19-20Morrison, Keith B.
Morrison, Kathleen S.
3.2158 Acres & Bldg.$57,683.93
56-0-0455695600-000-K-1-74Bryan, Ricky A
Mumford, Christina L
Lot & Bldg.$2,590.86
56-0-0455305600-000-K-1-70Murphy, H Michael
Murphy, Linda D
56-0-0453025600-000-D-2-1Rogers, JamesLot & Bldg.$4,675.70
56-0-0456035600-000-K-1-71Sines, John W.
Sines, Shirley M.
Lot & Bldg.$2,411.02
56-0-0455465600-000-K-1-19Vroman, Robert S.
Donovan, Stacey M.
Lot & Bldg.$5,084.87
56-0-0451455600-000-B-4-31Waychoff, James S.
Waychoff, Ann M.
Lot & Bldg.$8,457.31
Titusville Ward 2
57-0-0459275700-000-B-6-9Grove, Ronald L. Jr.,Lot$1,255.30
57-0-0460275700-000-D-1-37Hanna, Donald L JrLot & Bldg.$4,907.51
57-0-0458865700-000-B-3-4Hicks, Christine L
Hicks, Kevin L
Lot & Bldg.$7,137.53
57-0-0466075700-000-D-3-7 & 23Johnson, Michael JLot & Bldg.$8,866.69
57-0-0462495700-000-F-5-9Kelly, Michael P.
Kelly, Marcia A.
57-0-0460495700-000-D-2-11Kerr, Gary L.Lot & Bldg.$4,246.20
57-0-0465995700-000-D-2-8Keyes, BryanLot & Bldg.$4,788.19
57-0-0467395700-000-F-1-10Miller, Gayle LLot & Bldg.$5,166.27
57-0-0463865700-000-I-8-48Posavec, Frances A.
Wagner, Donald F., Jr.
Wagner, Raelene D.
Lot & Bldg.$3,786.97
57-0-0465735700-000-C-6-1DStanley Process
Cheryl Tracy
Lot & Bldg.$18,985.05
57-0-0462095700-000-E-8-A-14-12-10Schlicht, C Andrew
Schlicht, Jeanne L
Lot & Bldg.$13,739.97
57-0-0458985700-000-B-4-5Turover, Paul RLot & Bldg.$7,607.10
57-0-0460915700-000-E-2-14Wagner, Harley E.
Wagner, Leona
57-0-0461235700-000-E-3-8Warner, DavidLot & Bldg.$9,716.09
57-0-0461435700-000-E-4-25Wolfe, Michael DLot & Bldg.$5,359.53
Titusville Ward 3
58-0-0469765800-000-A-4-42Harger, Jeffrey N.Lot & Bldg.$6,972.85
58-0-0470215800-000-A-5-11Mccann, Virginia M.Lot & Bldg.$9,370.86
58-0-0470775800-000-B-5-17Plott, Davon LLot & Bldg.$4,426.41
58-0-0471095800-000-B-6-50Rybczyk, Andrew Jack Jr.,
Rybczyk, Robin Michelle
Lot & Bldg.$6,914.78
58-0-0469625800-000-A-4-32Thomas, Clarence W.
Thomas, Pamela L.
Lot & Bldg.$4,704.82
58-0-0470875800-000-B-5-20BWarner, Brook K.Lot & Bldg.$4,360.85
Titusville Ward 4
59-0-0473755900-000-B-5-90Elliott, Daniel L.Lot & Bldg.$4,291.72
59-0-0473635900-000-B-4-10AIves, Arthur L
Ives, Kathryn E
Lot & Bldg.$12,575.22
59-0-0473515900-000-B-4-13Kahnell, Lori L.
Vallimont, Ollie J.
Lot & Bldg.$3,217.78
59-0-0474095900-000-C-1-8Lee, KirbyLot & Bldg.$5,419.14
59-0-0473595900-000-B-4-9Oil Region Property Development, LLCLot & Bldg.$4,013.10
Troy Township
61-0-0480366103-054Archer, Cathy Lynn
Votee, Thomas Frank
4 Acres & Bldg.$2,858.24
61-0-0485346109-029Besanson, Kenneth
1.6 Acres & Trailer$5,172.76
61-0-0481146104-030-2Price-Brenner, Kellie Marie
Brenner, Eric James
15 Acres & Bldg.$7,499.78
61-0-0482876107-030Brun, KathleenTrailer$2,965.67
61-0-0482606107-013Brun, Kathleen KTrailer$3,372.31
61-0-1113906107-024-6Bryan, Stephanie
Bryan, Ricky
2.727 Acres & Trailer & Bldg.$3,843.82
61-0-0485526109-036-2-AFrancis, William J.
Francis, Roberta A.
.64 Acres & Bldg.$5,752.14
61-0-0483566107-043-16Keener, William G.
Keener, Tammy L.
Lot 16 & Trailer$4,656.99
61-0-0561316104-031-2Kinnear, Travis L.
Kinnear, Karen S.
12 Acres & Trailer$9,129.21
61-0-1113926107-036-1Leonard, Kathleen.603 Acres & Trailer$1,628.04
61-0-0483426107-043-6Michael J. McMillen
Colleen M. McMillen
Charles R Cook, Sr.
LOT & TRAILER$3,873.96
61-0-0703686110-054Nunemaker, John
Nunemaker, Barbara
Trailer – Lot 1$1,051.58
61-0-0485996110-031-2Phillips, Stephan W1 Acre & Trailer$2,773.72
61-0-0478746102-014-1-DSaxton, Stephen P.12 1/2 Acres & Trailer$2,008.59
61-0-0482056105-034Scott, William
Scott, Betty L.
2 Acres$1,043.42
61-0-0483496107-043-26John M. Shetler, Sr.
Tina M. Shetler
Lot 26 & Trailer & Bldg.$2,594.29
61-0-0482576107-013-5Thomas, Kathleen K5.6 Acres$1,132.46
61-0-0482586107-013-4Thomas, Kathleen K.498 Acres & Trailer$1,437.09
61-0-0482596107-013-6Thomas, Kathleen K.40 Acres & Trailer$1,533.22
61-0-0482536107-013Thomas, Kathleen K.6.56 Acres$1,132.46
61-0-1023306107-030-1-AThomas, Kathleen K.Lot$917.91
61-0-1023346107-030-1-BThomas, Kathleen K.5.22 Acres & Bldg.$1,756.29
61-0-0481316104-042Wescoat, Robert P.
Wescoat, Debra S.
.784 Acre & Lot & Bldg.$3,671.25
61-0-0571246102-010-2Wolfe, Gary L10.59 Acres & Bldg.$2,864.83
61-0-0479726103-021Wright, Brian N1 Acre & Bldg$7,514.65
Union Township
62-0-0491066204-017Batka, Yvonne Shick4.820 Acres & Bldg.$19,267.04
62-0-0703786204-008-1Clayton, Todd A.
Clayton, Donna F.
2.13 Acres & Trailer$10,518.83
62-0-1023866202-007-1Ducz, DianeTrailer-Lot 65$2,403.82
62-0-1040476202-007-1Homes In PennsylvaniaTrailer-Lot 58$3,494.28
62-0-1043586202-007-1Homes In PennsylvaniaTrailer-Lot 39$4,293.12
62-0-1028046202-007-1Hudson, Robert
Hudson, Erma
Trailer-Lot 24$2,984.37
62-0-0488276202-007-1Milesend, MichaelTrailer-Lot 30$912.96
Venango Township
63-0-0492636301-020-4Marie H. Robinson
Ralph L. Robinson
8.82 ACRES & BLDG. & TRAILERS$7,672.52
63-0-0495956306-001-1Rutter, Thomas J33.9 Acres & Trailer$6,467.13
63-0-0495936305-068Silvis, StephenLot$1,023.17
Venango Borough
64-0-0497586401-040Deets, S. MarkLot & Bldg.$3,155.54
64-0-0497626401-044Merritt, David W
Gould, Janine
Grossheim, Jill
Lot & Bldg.$4,056.81
64-0-0497676401-049Merritt, Gerald W.
Merritt, Adrienne J.
2 Lots & Bldg.$4,538.22
64-0-0497686401-050Merritt, Gerald W.
Merritt, Adrienne J.
Lot & Bldg.$2,631.78
64-0-1096416401-048Zimmer, Deborah STrailer$951.63
Vernon Township
65-0-1117226505-049Badagliacca, JohnTrailer Lot 26$1,604.28
65-0-1084596505-049Badagliacca, John JTrailer – Lot 39$1,293.62
65-0-0528136512-032Batka, John IIILot & Bldg.$3,612.95
65-0-0570596506-049Benepal, Narinderpal S.Trailer Lot 2$3,273.53
65-0-0517346506-125-1Bill’s Mobile Home ServiceTrailer$3,338.32
65-0-0520556506-234-20Bish, Charles A. Jr.
Ristvey, Tanya S.
Lot & Bldg.$24,086.93
65-0-0525336508-075-1-1Bowie, Anna Carolyn4.507 Acres & Bldg.$2,310.67
65-0-0516966506-124Buzza, Teresa M2 Acres & Bldg.$5,234.74
65-0-0501146501-117Buzzard, Sharla J
Shawn Washburn
22 Acres$1,185.85
65-0-0575116506-081Cusick, DianeTrailer Lot 509$4,506.46
65-0-0511386505-022-2Frazee, Garry L.
Frazee, Joanne M.
Lot & Bldg.$6,982.63
65-0-0521436507-019-7-8Gaines, Darlene C.Lots 7-8 & Bldg.$8,727.02
65-0-0704136505-049Goodemote, CarrieTrailer – Lot 12$1,464.83
65-0-0505816503-027Heisey, Markle D.Lot & Trailer$1,915.54
65-0-0528316512-047Harry G. Heldreth, III
Heather R. Heldreth
65-0-0526926510-007Hogue, Daniel J.Lot & Bldg.$8,925.32
Wagner, Catherine
65-0-0507606503-059-4Hollern, Sean P.
Smith, Erin M.
Lot 7 & Bldg.$7,483.01
65-0-0507616503-059-5Hollern, Sean P.
Smith, Erin M.
Lot 8$909.51
65-0-0511626505-035-1Huidekoper Group, Inc.Lot$1,469.97
65-0-1025426507-057-2Karns, James E.$9,467.89
65-0-1024786506-059-1-AKokoszka, KennethTrailer – Lot 14n$4,051.91
65-0-0517746506-125-1Michael Mattera
April Mattera
Trailer Lot 70$2,514.27
65-0-0517666506-125-1McCluskey, Mary MargaretTrailer Lot 62$2,743.10
65-0-0503506502-099-45-46-47Perry, Genevieve F.Lots & Bldg.$16,720.10
65-0-0527586511-046Piercy, Cindy L.Lot & Bldg.$3,539.36
65-0-0529146513-059Pyle, Jon S.Lot$3,705.30
65-0-0516206506-089Running, David
Running, Cathi
Trailer Lot 519$3,876.93
65-0-0528556512-069Servidio, Jon SLot & Bldg.$5,731.73
65-0-0517356506-125-1Shick, MichaelTrailer$2,854.07
65-0-0513766506-011Smith, Ruth A., Trustee22 Acres & Bldg.$7,996.12
65-0-0514056506-013-42Smith, Ruth A., TrusteeLot 42$992.11
65-0-0526936510-008Wagner, Gary R.
Wagner, Catherine H.
Lot & Bldg.$8,004.83
65-0-0526946510-009Wagner, Gary R.
Wagner, Catherine H.
Lot & Bldg.$7,074.42
65-0-0530986514-025Walter, Leo B.2 Acres$867.50
65-0-0527196511-009Walter, Leo B
Walter, Hazel M
Wheaton, Bennett
Wheaton, Cheryl
3 Acres & Bldg.$9,293.89
65-0-0704126505-049Wasson, DonaldTrailer – Lot 28$3,430.60
65-0-0508226503-073Wasson, Larry J.Lot & Bldg.$2,718.97
65-0-0530456513-191Williams, Thomas E
Highway, Kimberly M
3/4 Acre & Bldg.$2,933.43
65-0-0506546503-035Williamson, Tonya MLot & Bldg.$8,510.54
65-0-0526246509-025Wonderling, JenniferTrailer Lot 32$2,780.52
65-0-0526306509-025Wonderling, JerryTrailer – Lot 21$2,246.94
65-0-0526256509-025Jerry Wonderling
Jennifer Wonderling
Trailer Lot 1$1,481.81
65-0-0501416501-128-3Yoder, Roman Jr.1.30 Acres$1,082.36
65-0-0513546505-142Yoder, Roman Jr.1 Acre & Bldg.$3,048.07
65-0-0528916513-035Zappia, JosephLot$1,082.36
Wayne Township
66-0-0536906606-016Calvert, Darrell L.13.87 Acres$1,570.88
66-0-0537006606-019-1ADuignan, Robert P3.78 Acres & Trailer$3,766.70
66-0-1026156607-021-4Lepley, Samuel Lee1.505 Acres & Trailer$5,342.44
66-0-1026176608-001-2McElhinney, Carol A.1.81 Acres$1,396.17
66-0-0531406601-014-3Moore, Ray Allen4 Acres & Bldg.$6,462.53
66-0-0537866606-071-1Myers, Harold A.
Myers, Mary L.
2 Acres & Bldg.$6,439.76
66-0-0538436607-021Pierce, SabrinaTrailer$3,279.63
66-0-1078696609-016-1Poe, Candace E1.47 Ac & Trailer.$1,859.94
66-0-0533496603-027-2-ASolomon, Larue M. Clutter.25 Acres & Bldg.$3,075.30
66-0-0534726603-060-Tavormina, Daniel T.
Tavormina, Kimberly S.
Lot & Bldg.$1,627.88
Woodcock Township
67-0-0545356704-018Richard Anderson
Lynn Keely
Trailer Lot 26$937.73
67-0-0546526705-006-16Bahl, Yoerg Scott
Bahl, Amy Jo
Lots 16$1,075.99
67-0-1027106709-020Barger, JoshuaTrailer – Lot 410$2,301.55
67-0-0544736703-019Bruce, James10 Acres & Bldg.$8,887.91
67-0-0550496709-020Canon, TrudiTrailer Lot 416$1,279.53
67-0-0551806710-045-1Crum, KassandraTrailer Lot 30$1,512.04
67-0-0586966701-003-1AErnst, Seth4.32 Acres & Bldg.$6,382.04
67-0-0547326706-036-2Filipowski, Amy J1 1/2 Acres & Bldg.$19,180.29
67-0-1026526704-018Foster, BrianTrailer – Lot 3$1,256.10
67-0-0558166704-018Foster, DebraTrailer Lot 4$1,449.34
67-0-0543676702-023Frazier, Jack
Humes, Delores L.
50 Acres$1,841.69
67-0-0543686702-024Frazier, Jack
Humes, Delores L.
50 Acres$2,053.70
67-0-0543696702-025Frazier, Jack
Humes, Delores L.
13.57 Acres$1,494.05
67-0-0543746702-027Jack Frazier
Humes, Delores L., Custodian
61.87 Acres & Bldg.$4,830.08
67-0-0550476709-020Henry, JanetTrailer Lot 414$2,940.63
67-0-0543706702-025-1Delbert Humes
Grace Humes
c/o Delores Humes
7.36 Acres & Bldg.$4,497.68
67-0-0541276701-001-75-77-78Hunter, Ralph
Zimmer, Jennifer
Lots 75-77-78 & Bldg.$4,175.52
67-0-0541286701-001-76Hunter, Ralph
Zimmer, Jennifer
Lot 76$1,140.72
67-0-0541096701-001-47-48Hutchinson, Katrina
Hutchinson, Kevin
Lots 47 & 48 & Trailer$2,033.04
67-0-0543146701-050Huya, III, Michael J98.24 Acres & Bldg.$12,814.36
67-0-1080996710-045-1Kasemer, GregoryTrailer – Lot 17$2,256.49
67-0-0546896706-012Lewis, Brenda2 A. & Bldg.$9,426.40
67-0-0552126710-045-1Metzler, KirkTrailer Lot 28$4,756.37
67-0-1026486701-001-5-6-7-8-10Morris, Jay
Morris, Frances
Nicole Percy
Trailer – Lot 12$1,128.43
67-0-1027036710-045-1Napalitino, JasonTrailer – Lot 2$2,868.69
67-0-0580706704-018Penoyer, Jennifer FrancesTrailer$4,895.01
67-0-0545396704-018Peters, Melynda
Peters, Shawn
Trailer Lot 27$1,837.58
67-0-0572776710-045-1Porter, GerradTrailer Lot 7$3,087.90
67-0-0582986710-045-1Schlipf, Ryan P
Barickman, Crystal K
Trailer Lot 4$7,317.80
67-0-1027026710-045-1Shirey, Timothy DTrailer – Lot 18$1,966.00
67-0-0551996710-045-1Smith, PaulaTrailer Lot 42$3,402.12
67-0-0573736709-020Thompson, BrandonTrailer Lot 430$5,464.89
67-0-0587016701-001-5-6-7-8-10Trypus, ChareaceTrailer – Lot 6$2,908.41
67-0-0550836709-032Yarnell, Raymond A.53.59 Acres & Bldg.$4,759.47
Woodcock Borough
68-0-0555216801-030DSV SPV3, LLC1 3/4 Acre$816.43
Titusville Ward 5
69-0-0555846900-000-F-SEC 61Cramer, Reed G. Jr.
Cramer, Ruby
Lot & Bldg.$5,892.57


8/4/21, 8/11/21

late of West Mead Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Curtis E. Blystone, 14788 N. Main St. Ext. Meadville, PA 16335

late of Beaver Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Shelly Peterson, 5008 Philadelphia Road, Springboro, PA 16435;
Attorney: Ross C. Prather, Esq., Spadafore & Prather, LLP, 935 Market Street, Meadville, PA 16335

late of Conneaut Lake, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executrix: Joyce Ann Valent, 166 Kirkland St., Goose Creek, SC 29445;
Attorney: Daniel L. Goodyear, Esq., 3809 Willow Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15234

late of Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Robert Fritz Jr., 9977 Tamarack Drive, Meadville, PA 16335;
Attorney: Adam D. Stallard, Esq., Shafer Law Firm, P.C., 890 Market St., Meadville, PA 16335

late of Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executrix: Ava Katherine Warner;
Attorney: Bruce L. Smith, Esq., Shafer Law Firm, P.C., 212 West Central Avenue, Titusville, PA 16354

late of Cambridge Springs, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Collin D. Hite 26 E. West Drive Pittsburgh PA 145237;
Attorney: Opiela And Associates PC, 970 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh PA 15327

late of Cambridge Springs, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Sara Ball c/o Anthony Angelone, Esq., Nietupski Angelone, LLC, 818 State Street, Suite A, Erie, PA 16501
Attorney: Anthony Angelone, Esq., Nietupski Angelone, LLC, 818 State Street, Suite A, Erie, PA 16501

late of Athens Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Kevin L. Wetherbee;
Attorney: Kimberly S. Foulk, Esq., Cressman Erde Ferguson, LLC, 300 Arch Street, Meadville, PA 16335

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Names Act of Dec. 16, 1982, P.L. 1309, No. 295, section 2, that on June 30, 2021 an application was filed with the Department of State in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the conduct of a business in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, under the assumed or fictitious name, style or designation of: Butch’s Pub and Grill with its principal place of business at 25168 State Street, Meadville, Pennsylvania. The name(s) and address(es) of the entity or person(s) owning or interested in said business is:
Spinnato, LLC
25168 State Street
Meadville, PA 16335

890 Market Street
Meadville, PA 16335

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Names Act of Dec. 16, 1982, P.L. 1309, No. 295, section 2, that on July 1, 2021 an application was filed with the Department of State in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the conduct of a business in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, under the assumed or fictitious name, style or designation of: The Kelly Ballroom with its principal place of business at 2453 7 US-19, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. The name(s) and address(es) of the entity or person(s) owning or interested in said business is:
Anumberl, LLC
204 Sherrod Hill Road
Edinboro, PA 16412

890 Market Street
Meadville, PA 16335

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Names Act of Dec. 16, 1982, P.L. 1309, No. 295, section 2, that on April 4, 2021 an application was filed with the Department of State in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the conduct of a business in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, under the assumed or fictitious name, style or designation of: Tamarack Woodworks with its principal place of business at 21256 Devore Rd, Meadville, Pennsylvania. The name(s) and address(es) of the entity or person(s) owning or interested in said business is:
Shawn King
21256 Devore Rd
Meadville, PA 16335


7/28/21, 8/4/21, 8/11/21

late of City of Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Carrie Kerr, 6813 Scenic Drive, Apollo Beach, FL 33572;
Attorney: Ross C. Prather, Esq., Spadafore & Prather, LLP, 935 Market Street, Meadville, PA 16335

late of Beaver Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Evette D. Hupcej, 15701 Woodbrook Ave., Maple Heights, OH 44137;
Attorney: SaraMaria Patterson, Esq., Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs PC, 363 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335

late of Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Matthew Johnson;
Attorney: Jason D. Reagle, Esq., Shafer Law Firm, P.C., 212 West Central Avenue, Titusville, PA 16354

late of Rome Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executor: Justin Krasa;
Attorney: Schellart Joyce, Esq., The Law Offices of Schellart Joyce, LLC., 105 W. Central Avenue, Titusville, PA 16354

late of Summit Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executrix: Katherine A. Jordan, 12800 Harmonsburg Road Conneaut Lake, PA 16316;
Attorney: Adam D. Stallard, Esq., Shafer Law Firm, P.C., 890 Market St., Meadville, PA 16335

late of Cochranton Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Executrix: Martha J. Harned, of 10023 Kennedy Hill Road, Meadville, PA 16335;
Attorney: Edward J. Hatheway, Esq., Lindsay & Hatheway, 311 Walnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335

late of Hayfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Marsha Atkinson, 10328 Tamarack Drive, Meadville, PA 16335;
Attorney: Jeffrey C. Youngs, Esq., Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs PC, 363 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335


late of Crawford County, Pennsylvania;
Administrator: Scott E. Silvis;
Attorney: John C. Lackatos, 1040 Elk St, P.O. Box 729, Franklin, PA 16323

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Names Act of Dec. 16, 1982, P.L. 1309, No. 295, section 2, that on June 22, 2021 an application was filed with the Department of State in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for the conduct of a business in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, under the assumed or fictitious name, style or designation of:

Industrial Array with its principal place of business at 11860 State Highway 198, Guys Mills, Pennsylvania 16327. The name(s) and address(es) of the entity or person(s) owning or interested in said business is:
Harvest Array, Inc.
11860 State Highway 198
Guys Mills, PA 16327

890 Market Street
Meadville, PA 16335



September 2021