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Important Links:

Crawford County District Attorney

Criminal cases are prosecuted by the Crawford County District Attorney. The job of the District Attorney and their staff is to represent the Commonwealth in criminal cases.

Information about the Crawford County District Attorney’s office can be found on their website.

Crawford County Public Defender

Anyone charged with a crime has the right to be represented by counsel at every stage of the proceeding. You may even have the right to free counsel if you meet certain guidelines. The Crawford County Public Defender has this responsibility. This office represents defendants in criminal cases free of charge throughout the entirety of the litigation. 

To see if you qualify for Public Defender’s services, visit:

Northwestern Legal Services

If you need a lawyer for a non-criminal matter but can’t afford one, Northwestern Legal Services can provide assistance. Whether you have landlord/tenant issues, Protection-from-Abuse, or some other legal problem, Northwestern Legal Services may be able to help you navigate your legal issues.

Contact Northwestern Legal Services to see if you qualify for their services: